Sundae Whitepaper


In our lives, an average of 14,400 seconds a day is spent on processes we believe we control, time that could be invested in leisure, family, and self-improvement.

By joining the SUNDAE crypto community, you will forget what it's like to constantly check your smartphone, hoping for a 1% profit because you will be certain that you possess the most coveted asset in the world, akin to the Mona Lisa, early works of Dali, or a precious metal that has yet to be mined.

Our goal extends far beyond the concepts for which new tokens are created every day. SUNDAE is a token that, through sequential and systematic development stages, will be elevated to the level of a work of art, where the term 'market price' will be, to say the least, inappropriate. In the future, SUNDAE token holders will be compared to owners of priceless antiques, whose 'price' is destined to constantly rise and never decrease. In the following sections, we will describe the instruments our team plans to use to achieve such a value.

All currently existing tokens have a limited function - to serve exclusively as speculative instruments in the market. They can be bought or sold profitably or unprofitably. In the best-case scenario, some tokens become a means of payment in narrow sectors of the real economy, but nothing more. In our extraordinarily ambitious plans, we aim to transform every SUNDAE token holder into a member of an immense economic corporation. The 'entry ticket' to the decision-making apparatus of this corporation is the possession of SUNDAE tokens in your wallet. A token that can be acquired today at the price of an ice cream, but in the future, it will be impossible to buy on any cryptocurrency exchange. Not because no one will want to buy it, but because no one will want to sell it.

SUNDAE is a kind of 'passport' that will enable its owners to participate in the governance of a vast media-industrial community with its media outlets, real estate, production assets, political influence in different countries, and so on. The level of participation for each board member in this corporation is determined by the amount of SUNDAE tokens in their wallet. We are creating the type of infrastructure in which even a single unit of SUNDAE allows one to participate in all community votes on an equal footing with other investors. Meanwhile, we offer special conditions for major SUNDAE holders (Senators): extraordinary powers, such as the right to VETO any decision of the board of directors, full social and medical insurance covered by the community fund in any country of residence, eligibility for bonus dividends, the ability to independently introduce new resolutions within the community's charter, hold a significant share of equity in all community assets, and so on.

Therefore, in the future, we plan to decentralize the management of the SUNDAE project by distributing leadership functions among its investors.

SUNDAE is a ticket to a new virtual state. How much can such a ticket be worth? Ha! Today, you can buy it for the price of ice cream. Tomorrow, you won't be able to buy it anywhere.

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