1. Product Description

Differentiation from Other Tokens

All existing crypto tokens can be divided into two types: SUNDAE and 'everything else.' The reason for this bold statement lies in the conceptual difference.

Why do we need these Bitcoins, Ethereums, Dogecoins, and the like? For quick profits. However, it's impossible for holders of all cryptocurrencies to ‘win’ simultaneously. Constant profit for everyone can only be ensured by an endless growth of the token price, which, in the current realities of the highly volatile and insulated nature of the cryptocurrency market in the ‘virtual realm’, is not possible. This happens because most tokens have nothing more to offer than to 'buy' or 'sell' themselves.

We anticipate your argument about the 'parabolic' growth of the overall cryptocurrency market capitalization in a very short time and 10000% profits for investors in certain other projects. However, it's important to remember here: for you to sell something at a high price, someone has to buy it at a high price.

Marketing plays the role of an intermediary between buyers and sellers in crypto projects. Marketing, where millions of budgets are spent, while technology and its real application are in second place... or even third. They want to sell you the token itself, sell you a Payment token, then a Utility token, and not forget about the Stable token based on this one, sell yet a Defi token, NFT, virtual land, avatar pictures, a paid subscription... Sell-sell-sell!

And what will happen when this bubble is filled to the brim, and the pockets of old investors run dry, and new ones don't appear? BOOM!

To go beyond this pyramid formula, our team has set a goal to change the classical concept and motivate investors to never sell the acquired asset. This can only be achieved by endowing SUNDAE with functional tools that in the long term can bring the holder much more profit than selling it at any point on the exchange chart.

So, how does your SUNDAE differ?

SUNDAE is not just a coin that can be bought/sold. One SUNDAE is one share. 1000 SUNDAE is 1000 shares. Our team plans to create a media-industrial holding (MIH) and participation in the management, and receipt of dividends which can only be obtained through ownership of a certain amount of SUNDAE. The issuance of SUNDAE is strictly limited to 10 million tokens; additionally, the team has developed a 'burning' mechanism to protect the project and investors from the possibility of inflation.

Thus, SUNDAE can be of interest to both large investors interested in long-term stable investments and ordinary traders whose ambitions are limited to one-time profit:

- Large investors buying SUNDAE today will become owners of a valuable exclusive asset tomorrow, which brings constant profit and provides many other advantages, starting from insurance programs for every Senator of the project to full or partial (depending on the SUNDAE stake) access to using all resources and assets of SUNDAE MIH, from real estate objects to political and media tools.

- An ordinary trader, on the other hand, can buy SUNDAE today and sell it tomorrow, like any other coin. But should it be reminded that such a trader will lose in the long run?

Because every day more and more SUNDAE tokens will be accumulated in the hands of those who want to become a shareholder of SUNDAE MIH or, being one, intend to increase their share.

In simple terms: we have a place for both ambitious investors and ordinary schoolchildren who don't dream of becoming the director of a large holding but simply want to get rich and do nothing.

What is SUNDAE Media-Industrial Holding?

The current team of the SUNDAE project is composed of individuals who have long secured themselves with all the necessary 'material' things. Our task is romantic — to create something new in the paradigm of the crypto universe, set a new trend, and take the concept of cryptocurrency beyond a commodity that smart people earn from and inexperienced ones go bankrupt.

That's why all our profit (and above it) obtained from the SUNDAE project will be used to create a large transnational company, a network of media and political organizations focused on promoting digital technologies. We then hand over the 'helm' of SUNDAE MIH to those people who allowed us to bring our dream to life by buying this token in the first place.

A detailed business plan of SUNDAE MIH will be separately and privately presented to all SUNDAE holders, who in a voting format will be able to make adjustments or even completely change any variables in the creation of SUNDAE MIH.

Why do you think you will succeed?

Our confidence is not solely built on ambition. We are a team of professionals, including experienced businessmen, programmers, economists, traders, media experts, and bloggers with a million-strong audience.

One of our current projects is the Grimace token, which is currently the most well-known domestic token across the entire post-Soviet space. We have made hundreds and thousands of people millionaires. In reality, we have demonstrated our effectiveness through a particular example and showcased our capabilities to all our partners. You won't find a trader who doesn't know about Grimace. Soon, you won't find anyone who hasn't heard of SUNDAE.

We started small, with a demonstrative example in the world of cryptocurrencies, showing that a united and believing community can overcome the most difficult challenges on the path to success.

What will happen to SUNDAE if you don’t succeed in achieving the set goals?

The SUNDAE project will not close, it will continue toward its goal, no matter how many resources and time it takes us. There won't be a situation where we say, 'Guys, we’ve tried but didn’t make it. So, we wash our hands.' Even if an Ice Age starts tomorrow, the SUNDAE project team is acutely aware of their responsibility to all existing and potential investors. We are all public figures, and our audience numbers millions of supporters. SUNDAE is our image, it's the rope that our audience's trust hangs on. Losing SUNDAE would mean losing everything. Recognizing these facts, we are absolutely clear that we are committed to going with SUNDAE to the bitter end.

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