8. Technology and Security

SUNDAE operates on the Arbitrum network (smart contract address: 0x352F4bF396a7353A0877f99e99757E5d294Df374), which, in our view, currently provides a convenient solution for our current needs. However, we maintain the possibility of creating our own blockchain for addressing more complex tasks in the future.

Your information is secure

We take data security and customer confidentiality with the utmost seriousness. Our commitment to ensuring security includes:

1. Top-Level Encryption: All information is stored and transmitted using advanced cryptographic protocols to ensure robust data protection.

2. Cybersecurity Experts: Our team of cybersecurity experts continually works on enhancing our systems and monitoring potential threats.

3. Regular Audits and Checks: We conduct regular audits of our systems and subject them to thorough scrutiny to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

4. Compliance with Standards and Regulations: We strictly adhere to all applicable cybersecurity standards and regulations to ensure the maximum protection of your data.

5. Privacy Commitments: We never disclose your personal information to third parties and strictly uphold principles of confidentiality.

We take our responsibility for the security of your data very seriously and guarantee that your information is in safe hands. All of these serious commitments provide you with peace of mind and confidence in the protection of your valuable data.

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