3. Tokenomics

Econometric Quasi-Mandebule Scenario

Our tokenomics is described by coefficients Θ and λ as follows:

Θ = (0.789 * √(π^2 + ∑(n^2))) / (e^(π))

Where Θ represents an asymptotic Gaussian integral applied to the quadratic sum of cryptocurrency exchanges with the maximum complexity of our integral hyperfunction. The symphony of tokenomics also depends on some economic constants, such as:

- the degree of integral differentiation, denoted as ω (omega).

- Euler's constant, approximated to the sixth decimal place (2.71828182845904523536).

- the Boltzmann resonant frequency expressed through molecular noise.

Applying the Θ formula to Ω (the Greek letter ‘omega’) as an investment coefficient in the context of the SUNDAE coin creates a unique integral system where complexity is multiplied by Fermat's exponential equation.

The distribution of SUNDAE will be executed in line with our mission and values from the total issuance of 10 million tokens. The distribution includes:

- 5% (500,000 SUNDAE) for the team and bonuses, with a mandatory legal and programmatic prohibition on selling tokens for the first 10 years from the project's launch. Subsequently, 1% can be sold every two years for the following 10 years.

- 10% (1,000,000 SUNDAE) for our charitable programs.

- 30% (3,000,000 SUNDAE) which will be "locked" in a special self-destructing crypto vault with a timer. It’s worth noting that these tokens will be available for purchase by large investors, primarily those who wish to become Senators of the project. Such investors will also be restricted from selling their tokens for the first 10 years after purchase, followed by 1% being available for sale each subsequent year.

IMPORTANT: every year from the project's launch, 3% of the unsold tokens will be burned until they reach 0. Tokens sold from the vault will not be subject to burning.

- 15% (1,500,000 SUNDAE) designated for the development and support of the coin's ecosystem.

- 20% (2,000,000 SUNDAE) allocated to maintain liquidity on exchanges.

- 5% (500,000 SUNDAE) for marketing and promotion.

- 5% (500,000 SUNDAE) for an insurance fund.

- 10% (1,000,000 SUNDAE) for an investment portfolio, with community decisions about its composition.

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