7. Protection against Market Manipulation

The best protection is our community. Large, cohesive, and active.

Before SUNDAE's token enters into an endless growth phase, its value will be determined by the community itself. Using the example of Grimace, we demonstrated that even in a prolonged bear market and in the presence of external manipulators, we can convince our audience to continue investing in the token without being tempted to sell it at 2X, 5X, or even 10X.

To create an atmosphere of maximum trust between the community and their Senators, we use the following tools:

a) A stringent selection process for the project's public representatives. We do not accept just anyone into our ‘club.’ Only the most well-known, highly reputable media personalities with an impeccable reputation among their audience become part of our team. We aim to create a vast family that will care for each of its members, even the smallest ones. Trust is the most important aspect of the family. So if we tell our community that there will be a 2X in July, then there will be a 2X in July, even to the prejudice of Senators. We always warn about possible fluctuations and never promise our audience something that we can't be sure of. Building an atmosphere of maximum trust among members is the key to SUNDAE's success.

b) Contests. Numerous contests, internal events, challenges, discussions, jokes, and even full-fledged musical performances. Just take a look at one of our channels, like https://t.me/doge1, and see how much we cherish our audience and how much they adore us. We can even afford to invite a well-known rap artist to our channel, and they'll perform a song about our token on a live stream. Isn't that amazing? Of course, it is. We don't spare any expenses for such kinds of entertainment. Our community isn't just some ‘news feed’ with promotions and self-promotion. No, it's a home for our extensive family, where we have fun and entertain together, all while steadily moving towards our common goal, step by step.

In addition, we have functional protection measures:

c) Prohibiting futures trading on exchanges where SUNDAE is listed. We believe that opening long and short positions hinders organic growth and creates space for market manipulation.

d) Large investors and the project team will be prohibited from selling their coins for 10 years (see item 5), ensuring stability and loyalty to our long-term goals.

e) Coins allocated for charitable purposes will be locked under specific conditions.

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