2. Charity

Socio-economic issues to be addressed by the SUNDAE project

Our main goal at this stage is to attract the maximum number of participants to the SUNDAE project and create a Media-Industrial Holding that will be supervised by all token owners, with their influence determined by the volume of the controlled share of the total issuance. To put it simply, we are currently assembling a team of 'trailblazers' who will take part in an expedition to create their own state entity. And even though this state may carry the status of 'virtual,' it will protect its citizens much more zealously than any real one.

A virtual state, a club of chosen ones, a Masonic lodge, a VIP community — call it whatever you want, but the entry ticket will be having at least one SUNDAE. The comprehensive list of all benefits, as well as support and protection programs for SUNDAE owners, will be outlined and approved by the community during the first AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, which will take place right after the sale of 51% of the current token issuance.

Thus, regardless of the country where an investor of the SUNDAE project is located, they will always be able to count on SUNDAE MIH support, which will include legal service guarantees, medical insurance, credit services, the right to use real estate owned by SUNDAE MIH, public and media support, the right to receive dividends from all community's production assets, and so on.

The SUNDAE project aims not just to provide its investors with financial profit but also to build a community based on the 'one for all' principle, where SUNDAE MIH protects the well-being of holders as zealously as any civilized state protects its citizens.

Additionally, all investors, who are also future Senators of the SUNDAE project, during session meetings, will be able to use part of MIH's financial proceeds for venture investments, scientific-technical and educational programs, charity events, and the creation and support of socio-political movements.


We believe that charity is not just a duty but a path to a better future for all.

Our philanthropic effort involves distributing cryptocurrency to orphaned children affected by any wars, for which negotiations are already underway with a number of orphanages worldwide.

Every child within our program will be offered an encrypted hardware wallet with 100 SUNDAE coins, which will be unlocked upon reaching adulthood. We are confident that by that time, we will have achieved all our goals. An 18-year-old orphan can then choose either to sell their tokens and become a millionaire or stay a full-fledged member of our community.

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